info on white water park in Gadsden

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info on white water park in Gadsden

Postby banjo chris » Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:11 pm

Hey Guys
Long time since I've on here. Been even longer since I've been on the river. I've been hiding and keeping a secret that isn't a secret anymore.

Yes the word is out and is correct. We are going to build a white water park in Gadsden Alabama.

Just a quick back ground on whats been going on since I've been hiding.

Well the city of Gadsden pass on the offer to build the park twice. So a lawyer / kayaker named Jacob Millican called me up and ask if I still would like to see this project happen. Of course I said yes. So after many talks about it we decide to become a Non - profit organization. After this decision we pulled Jeremy Adkins on board and put in the paper work to get approve to be a Non - profit. This takes a year! just a few weeks ago the city allow us to lease the land from them. So phase one is over. Now phase two. We have two years to raise the money for the park. This will not be just a water park anymore. We have decide to make it a outdoors Adventure park. With a play wave that can change from a class 2 to class 4 with a push of a button. Rock climbing , camp ground, flat water paddle, Kayak fishing, outfitter store, kids camp for special needs children, hiking , mountain biking, and a lot more.

We need this and we could use your help. Get the word out. Anyone who donates can write it off on taxes since we are a Non - profit Organization. We are already working on raising this money. I will have a go fund me site up soon. If you can't donate but want to help that's fine. We will need volunteers. If you know anyone that wants to donate send them our way.

We have a facebook page up if you have any question or want to stay up to date with this project.

look up Gadsden/etowah adventures on facebook

or our link is ... 2/?fref=ts

you can also email us at

Always thanks guys and see you on the river!
Chris Banjo
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