Shane you are missed!

Thoughts on the passing of Shane Hulsey
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Shane you are missed!

Postby cumnock » Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:42 am

It’s all hard to put this in words….

My fondest memory of Shane is that he got it.

He got what it is to understand why we are drawn to paddling in the first place. The friendships, and even more important to see the creeks for what they were; the beauty of the surroundings and understand the need to explore.

I will miss the e-mails and the conversations of us asking questions back and forth about this creek and that creek, the wanting of the knowledge, the risk and reward that came with each of them.

From the first time we met each other, it was like meeting an old friend, my only regret is we had always planned on a run back in my old stomping grounds….I’ll guess it will have to wait.

I know he is looking down smiling …but it doesn’t make it easier

Shane you are missed!

Mark Cumnock

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