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Shane Hulsey

Postby Guest » Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:19 am

My first memories of Shane elude me, for most of the time he was always there. At the put in or take out or on the river. Simply put he was there.
If I ever needing any information on a river put in, take out or a hazard report, I knew who to call. If by chance I saw some little stream falling off the side of a hill locally, Shane either knew about it or would put it on his list of things to scout. Shane emitted a positive ora, you could just be around him and feel good even on the coldest of days.

Reading through the river descriptions for Alabama Whitewater, Shane did a bunch. I noticed that he quoted me on different runs. Just a conversation on the river turned out to be a written description for the masses to read and take heed. He truly wanted to share all he had with anyone willing to learn. If you knew something he did not, Shane humbled himself to make sure that nothing was left out. He wanted to know so he could pass along to others, truly an ambassador.

I am going to miss seeing Shane out and about, but the good news is we were able to know him as long as we did. Now comes the time to honor his legacy and ensure that his efforts do not fall to the wayside. I feel that each person in our community has an obgliation to pick up Shane's torch and keep it burning brightly. He would be proud.

Kayaking as it is advertised is a Inherently dangerous sport. We all agree to that. It's the fact that when things do go wrong, the spotlight is on what happened and why. For me it is a celebration of the outdoors and when and if my time comes, while out on the water Know that I had a great time with my buddies and was doing what I loved to do. I think we all share that mentality. For this makes my heart lift up and celebrate the life of Shane Hulsey.


Mark T

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