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Thoughts on the passing of Shane Hulsey

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Postby guest » Tue Oct 31, 2006 8:58 am

Tribute today about Shane in Birmingham Newspaper-Renee
Oct 24 2006, 23:25 GMT

There was a touching article about Shane in today's newspaper. I thought I'd post the link for those of you who don't get the paper and for those of you who didn't know him. He was a very special individual and will be missed by many. Renee

Nice Thanks<nt> Gordo Oct 24 2006, 23:25 GMT

Very, Very Sad<nt> FulidDruidOct 24 2006, 23:25 GMT

I felt like I needed to post this about Shane’s viewing Oct 24 2006, 3:33 GMT from DitchBitch

I just wanted to post this for his friends who couldnt make it to Birmingham I know there are many who wish they could have been there.

It was overwhelming to see the friends that showed at Shanes visitation, we got there early, and counted over 200 people in line, from what we saw, turned the corner and boy were we wrong more like 700 plus, at full head count waiting, and no telling who had already came and went. Visitation was from 6:00-8:00 and went way over 8:00

It was great to see how many people Shane touched in his short life.

Our heavy heart goes out to Allison and Shanes family.

Shane you touched many and youll be missed, it hurt to see you there, but it was great to see how many you touched.


Very sorry to hear of this lost <nt> Johhnyb Oct 24 2006, 3:33 GMT

Shane Hulsey Visitation and Funeral Arrangements

Trying to reach as wide a distribution of his many paddling friends, here are the arrangements for Shane:

Visitation, Monday, 10/23/06 from 6-8pm.

Funeral, Tuesday, 10/24/06 at 2pm.

Walker's Chapel Funeral Home
1200 Ellard Road
Fultondale, AL 35068
(205) 849-5000

Thank you, Mark_ <NT> dneesh New
Thanks._ <NT> DangerJudy New
I wish that I could make it. Is there any information for sending condolences?_ yaknman New
Cahaba River Society's Clean Program_ ackworthy New
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friends and family are in my prayers_ <NT> Tera New
Condolences to family and friends_ <NT> heliyaker New

Oct 21 2006, 19:56 GMT

Shane Hulsey of Birmingham, AL was the victim of a drowning accident yesterday on Little River Canyon just below Pinball. His body was recovered today. All parties in the rescue and recovery efforts are in good shape.

He will be missed. After a bit more time, myself and many others will probably take a few moments to reflect on what it all means. For now, my thoughts are with his family and friends, the boaters with him at the time, and the community as a whole.

I realize the natural next question is "what happened". I will obviously defer to those who were there. My understanding is that the wishes of his family and fellow paddlers are to make nothing further public at this time. After the next few difficult days and weeks have passed and they are ready, this may change.

Thanks for the calls of concern and offers of help to myself and others. Part of the reason I wanted to post this is to elminate the small doubts a few have had about who it was. Some could not get hold of their buds who may have been on LRC yesterday.

Mark D'Agostino

Further Information on Little River Canyon Accident_ markdc1 New
Thanks for posting .... you did the right thing ..._ cravincreeks New
No, show a little respect._ SEBoater New
Bit more beta.._ ClayW New
thanks Clay and well stated, we lost a good one...thanks for the post, its all gonna take time for all of us_ <NT> ditchbitch New
My condolences to his family : (_ RodeoBoy New
My heartfelt sympathies go out to family and friends..._ KatieJane New


Postby Guest » Fri Nov 03, 2006 2:58 pm

from: fishdoc
Date: Nov 03 2006, 4:04 GMT

On Friday the 20th of October, one of the finest people I???ve ever known died at Little River Canyon. Many of us lost a dear friend that day. For those who paddled with Shane a few times, but didn???t really know him very well, I???ll try to shed some light on who Shane Hulsey was. A testament to him was the roughly 40 paddlers who arrived at the break of dawn on the 21st to help recover his body. Devastated doesn???t even begin to describe the emptiness that we felt being in one of our favorite places, a place that we shared many great days with Shane, knowing that our friend was gone. An even greater testament was the enormous crowd that came to his visitation and funeral. The funeral home didn???t even come close to holding all the people who came to pay their respects. Not only was a Shane a great kayaker, but he was truly a kind, caring, genuine person who dedicated his life to protecting rivers. A steady stream of teachers and Cahaba River conservationists that had worked with Shane crowded the funeral home Tuesday night and Wednesday. As an environmental educator for the Cahaba River Society, Shane led over 15,000 students down the Cahaba River in canoes (including some of my wife???s classes). While the Cahaba is not well known to whitewater boaters, to biologists it is world famous. It is one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the temperate world, and it is under constant threat from urban sprawl. Many of the Cahaba???s species are found nowhere else on Earth meaning they are doomed to extinction without a healthy Cahaba. Shane was notorious for his knowledge of the Cahaba and his enthusiasm for it has been instrumental in promoting the conservation of this fantastic river. Because of Shane, an entire generation of Alabamians cares about the Cahaba River and the plants and animals to which it is home. Not only was Shane a successful environmental educator and top notch paddler, he was also an ultra-marathoner. He ran a 30 mile race the weekend prior to his death which is inherently very impressive, but when you consider that Shane was a ???not-so-in-shape??? smoker when I first met him, it???s incredibly impressive. It shows that Shane was always willing to try new things and be who he wanted to be, not just who he already was. It???s also a testament to the great relationship that he had with his wife, who has been a great runner for a long time. Anyone who spent time with them witnessed true love. It was impossible not to smile when they were around. During the service, a predominant theme was the love that Shane showed: love for his wife, love for his family, love for paddling, love for rivers, love for running, love for his friends, and love for life. I am lucky to have been one of Shane???s friends for many reasons. One of those is the many times that I went to shake Shane???s hand and got a hug instead. Shane made sure his friends knew they were important to him. In the sometimes macho paddling world, Shane hugged his friends. He was also the ???organizer??? of many paddling trips. He wasn???t content with getting himself to the river. He wanted his friends to be there with him. While I was not with him on the day he died, I can???t count how many times I paddled the Canyon with Shane. There are two things surrounding his death that I am sure of. The first is that those who were with Shane did everything humanly possible to help him. The second is that Shane would want us to carry on his legacy of protecting rivers. Many of his closest friends have been discussing setting up a way to protect the Canyon in memory and honor of Shane. This would be an appropriate way of remembering a great paddler and river steward. He was a truly unique person and the world is worse off now that he is gone. I will miss him dearly.

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