Almost one year...

Thoughts on the passing of Shane Hulsey
todd parker

Almost one year...

Postby todd parker » Mon Oct 15, 2007 11:35 am

Almost one year and you are still in my and countless others consciousness each and every day. I cannot seem to shake the feelings of loss and want terribly for you to call me as you did on the morning you left us and ask for company on some adventure. My mind seems on fire of late as I wait for some rain, some color, some thing in this month which once was so dear to me but is now mixed up and heavy. So I will do as I have been...picking up my daughter and tossing her in the air and listening to her laughter...and calling on old friends whose company is warm even when time is lost...and with all the people who I love and who have given me love I will cherish keeping their company and will try not to ponder on trivial things and I will live and jump and run and paddle and become drunk and I will wish that you could join me...and you will.

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