Strainer and cleanup status for class III and above runs
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Postby markd » Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:31 pm

Barbaree: Not too many trees considering how small it is
Big Creek (Athens Area) - One large tree before the big rapid (scouting in 2010)
Big Wills: 4 miles above 431, straightline winds put 5-6 large trees in the creek. There are ways around, but could be tough at higher water.
Blackwater: clean as of September 2011
Blue Springs
Bridge (class V too)
Caffee: Had multiple logs stuck in all channels thru the bridge supports about half way down that run. At a medium high level we managed to squeeze by next to the left bank. We cut part of it out but there is A LOT of wood built up there. A large tree still lays across 95% of the creek. We portage around it because if you mess up you will be swept into the wood piles in the bend.
Cahaba, Deerfoot: Several trees?
Cahaba, Upper
Cahaba, Lovick
Davis (Secs 3 & 4)
Dorsey: A good number of in the flat parts. Rapids are clear. Needs to be cut by a Jasper-ite with time on their hands.
Little Cahaba
Little, East Fork
Locust Fork of the Warrior, Nelson's Gap: Several trees but not too bad with the skills.
Locust Fork of the Warrior, Upper
Locust Fork of the Warrior, Lower: As of September 2011 there was no new wood to speak of that is in play. There is a large log jam under the old hwy 79 bridge that if it breaks up will deposit a ton of new wood. Double trouble has some new wood piled on top of the rock, but no new wood in play there...just same ole log from the last couple of years. The only other log jam I saw was under Swann bridge and was effortlessly avoided.
Mill (Sipsey): Some trees, but not too many below the confluence with Little Mill. One logjam needs to be treated with caution.
Mulberry Fork of the Warrior, 67 to 278: Too many trees across to count as of fall 2011. Limbo'd quite a few as well. About half way down one of April's "naders" went through. Look like a Dozer went down one side and up the other. We walked about a 1/4 mile around the jam. Don't think it will ever be the same. You'll need an army to floss this one.....
Mulberry Fork of the Warrior, 278 to CR10
Mulberry Fork of the Warrior, Upper - Clear at 6 ft (USGS) (2011)
Mulberry Fork of the Warrior, Lower - Clear (2011)

Schultz: Some, but not too many trees.
Town, Upper - clean. (9/2011)
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Postby leftyclick » Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:40 am

A few of us paddled the 67 to 278 section of the Mulberry yesterday, and it's still a mess. At about 5.4ft (at the main Mulberry gauge), we didn't have to portage, but we did have to limbo under in one spot. There are several strainers to avoid as well. If it is over maybe about 6 feet, you would definitely have to portage some of the jams.

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Postby craigwilson » Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:46 pm

Locust fork has several trees down on the river the only one that's a big deal is above the rapid that makes a hard left just above double trouble. It was completely across the river with a small access past it on river right.
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A few updates

Postby jimyaker » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:24 pm

Big Creek near Athens at 12 inches on Towsend Ford Guage.
One tree under water just after the wood bridge below Tillman and a logjam just after a channel on river left. The jam creates a pool with little current, we jumped a log to go down the side channel left on the main flow and bypassed the main logjam. We took out after the rapids at Townsend Ford.

Duck is clear from 278 down to the second bridge (winter 2013). A few logs, but no problems seeing them in time to avoid them.

Locust Fork - the jams at the bridges have cleared.

Upper Town -- still clean as of early 2013

Whipporwill - after confluence with Shoal, there is a river wide tree (see Shoal wood report)


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Re: Class II LIST

Postby robertallen » Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:37 pm

Locust has a couple new logs the far left line at house rock has a bad one if you like to eddy hop the left bank and make the ferry across in front of the undercut and the far right creek line at the second drop of double trouble has a log across both of the exit channels.
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