Alabama Whitewater

Wolf Creek


Tight, fun, and short. You put in a farmers field, float/scrape for 0.5 mile, then scout, walk, and/or run the big class V. You will, or at least better, not miss the big one. As seen in Steep Creeekin and Tales of the Paddlesnake videos. The rest of the way is tight III and IV. This is a very high quality run that is hard to catch. It has a checkered gage history. The old one at the put in is now basically unreadable. The more recent one at CR47 was taken out with the old bridge. So late in 2008, a new one was painted at CR47. 0' is good to juicy, so -6" or -0.5' may be roughly minimum. As with any small watershed, the required LRC level depends a lot on how long ago the rain fell. Be courteous to landowners.


  • Class
    IV (V)
  • Gradient
  • Length
  • Watershed Size
    4.4 square miles
  • Put In
    CR 49
  • Take Out
    CR 47
  • Shuttle
    CR 49 / CR 43 / CR 47


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